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APLS - Arbitration and Conciliation Center  
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About Us
The A.P.Legal Services Pvt.Ltd. is incorporated under the Companies Act in September 1999 to create one of the largest E-legal services network in the country and abroad with the base in Andhra Pradesh. The company’s interest is to provide professionalised, efficient and prompt legal service delivering structures and reduce the time and expense in transactional and justice delivering processes. The corporate structure under the A.P.Legal Services Pvt.Ltd. is designed to achieve the vision of providing all legal services under one roof into a reality. more...
Research and Development
  This division takes up various topics of interest related to local, state, national and intemationallaws , legal structures, expediant judicial delivery systems, reduction in cost and time over runs in justice delivery processes. Projects will be taken up on their own by the company are we will execute the research, projects to ootporates, organisations. various govt bodies, UN agencies etc.  more...

The complete list of seminars conducted so far along with the study material will be made available shortly...

  • E-Commerce and Legal Issues
  • Nisiet - Seminar on Legal Reforms - Resurgence of SME's
  • Investigation and Prosecution in Criminal Justice System
  • Arbitration and Conciliation - An Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • more...
    Legal Services
    Aim of this division is to give appropriate guidance and to resolve the issues with least cost and relieve the mental and :financial strain to the client. more...
    Contact Us
    Write to us:
      A.P. Legal Services Pvt Ltd.
      H No 3-5-155 to 161, Flat No 102, 503, Premier Plaza Apts., Narayanaguda, Hyderabad - 500029
    Reach us on: (+91)(040) 24754413
    Email: contact_info@aplegalservices.com more...


    Previously published articles
    Debate for a NATIONAL CONSENSUS - Issues by S. Lakshma Reddy
    ADAM SMITH : MARX : INDIA by S. Lakshma Reddy
    Land Reforms - Globalisation by S. Lakshma Reddy
    Non sovereign UN to sovereign UN: A silent cry ..... by S. Lakshma Reddy
    Application of Principle of Separation of Powers in all walks of Public Life by S. Lakshma Reddy

    We are in the process of automating the article publishing system until then you can send in your articles to:

    Email: contact_info@aplegalservices.com

    Note: Previously published articles will also be made available very soon. more...


    Bar Council of India
    All India Bar Exam - Bar Council of India
    Date of All India Bar Exam postponed

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